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Retail in the


Join our fast-growing list of global brands who are tenanting our v-commerce stores.

A footfall of up to 600,000 visitors a month enables you to elevate your e-commerce business with an entirely new sales channel of v-commerce, only available in MetaTown.



The only platform to link directly to e-commerce sites with no additional API's, coding or integration.

1. Monthly Users

600,000 predicted monthly active users

2. Daily Users

38,000 daily users based on calendar of events

3. Age Demographic

Majority demographic being 24-38

4. Gender Demographic

66% female and 34% male

Your brand in
the metaverse.


Users are able to browse products and create shopping lists and assortments. Consumers are able to view full product details, various types of media such as photos, videos and 360 spins, and can checkout directly within your virtual store in MetaTown.


Upsell to your customers with live voice and video chat functionality built in to every store via a private virtual link - a proven way to increase customer spend. Accessible on any device with no apps or downloads required, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Retain brand DNA & build a digital replica of your retail store or take your customers to a brand new immersive space.

Use our unique advertising spaces located around MetaTown to reach new potential clients and customers.

Use our intelligent live analytics to focus visual merchandising campaigns, gather customer data and user behaviour.

MetaTown is for everyone, regardless of location. Increase your customer reach and reduce geographical limitations.

Our Packages.

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 14.31.21.jpg

Interested in a bespoke plan?

We have you covered!

We can build a bespoke v-commerce environment with endless possibilities and unlimited amount of products.

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