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Retail in the Metaverse

Join our fast-growing list of international brands who are tenanting our V-commerce stores within MetaTown. Expand your reach with a footfall of up to 600,000 visitors a month and utilise the analytics that V-commerce can offer, see where people are browsing within your store and which visual displays attract them most. Elevate your E-commerce with the entirely new sales channel of V-commerce, only available in MetaTown by BrandLab360.

Your brand in the Metaverse

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Key Statistics

The only platform to link directly to brands' E-commerce site with no further APIs or integration

1         Monthly Users

Minimum of 600,000 predicted monthly active users

2         Daily Users

38,000 daily active users based on calendar of events

3         Age Demographic

18-60 year olds with the majority demographic being 24-38

4         Gender Demographic

66% female and 34% male

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Reach 600,000 consumers a month for a fraction of the cost of real life