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£1,000 GBP

What you will receive:

- A place in Metaverse history as a founding member of a virtual world like no other

- Become a founding resident and receive a PLOT in the form of an NFT 

- A key to an NFT PLOT with the ability to fully customise the interior (from Sep 2022)

- The ability to invite your friends to visit your digital home

- The option to apply for planning permission and build upon your digital home

- A guaranteed NFT PLOT in The Oasis, the world's first photorealistic virtual world 

- Access to a MetaTown assistant for ongoing support

- Exclusive early access to events & new releases within MetaTown

- The ability to resell your PLOT on the secondary market

- A share within the MetaTown LTD company*

*If you sell your NFT PLOT, you will still own your shares within the LTD company.