The most true to life Metaverse experience

MetaTown is a virtual world like no other, harnessing the power of gamification and bringing together consumers and brands in Web 3.0. 

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MetaTown is a community driven platform that attracts diverse groups of people from all over the world. Users can shop, work, socialise, game, educate themselves and much more.

Utilising the unprecedented V-commerce technology from MetaTown's creators; BrandLab360, this unique virtual world allows brands and retailers to reach their customers in a unique and immersive way.  

The most realistic Metaverse experience for brands, retailers & consumers

Why we are different

Unlike other virtual worlds, MetaTown does not have user generated content, it is fully curated by BrandLab360, the leading Metaverse company in the world. This means that brand adjacencies are respected and that the expansion in the world is completed in conjunction with our brand partners. 


As "The Oasis" is also being curated by BrandLab360, it means PLOT holders in MetaTown will also be gifted a PLOT in the world's first ever photorealistic Metaverse experience. 


MetaTown will host a daily programme of events in conjunction with its brand partners, giving more reason for guests to visit the world daily. 


Unlike other virtual worlds that have a huge number of PLOTS available, MetaTown is limited to 6,000 residences, in an effort to create a strong secondary market. 


MetaTown visitors have access to a V-commerce experience like no other, creating the world's first virtual reality social shopping experience. 

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MetaTown for

Join our fast-growing list of global brands in the worlds’ premium Metaverse shopping experience.


Expand your reach with a footfall of up to 600,000 visitors a month to the MetaTown shopping district. Use our interactive heat map to analyse data and user behaviour. Build on brand DNA using a digital twin of a flagship store, or create a fully immersive fantasy experience for your customers.


Data shows that users spend 12 times more in an immersive digital experience than on a traditional E-commerce page. Take your brand from E-commerce to V-commerce.



With only 6,000 PLOTS for sale in MetaTown, early buyers have the chance to purchase PLOTS and join our exclusive Founding Residents Club. The founding residents will be gifted the keys to “The Oasis” - an ultra HD photorealistic Metaverse to be released by BrandLab360 in 2022.


Each of the virtual properties or residences in MetaTown is a unique NFT – that can be traded securely on the Ethereum blockchain.


The NFT is allocated as a unique ‘key’ and as MetaTown is full of endless development opportunities, this key provides proof of ownership of the residence.